Favors and Business Gifts Are Not Just About Giveaways:

It's about branding and messaging.

Ten years ago, when the company started, Image of Wine developed products that were centric to wine.

Our customers were a mix of corporate and individuals with the majority of product sales being Bamboo and Quartz Coasters, Wine Gift Boxes (one and 2 bottles) and Wine Bottle Stoppers. The products were customized based upon customer dictates. Whatever the product, quality was paramount.

Over the past three years we have started focusing on fewer products and working with larger minimum quantity orders. It just made more economic sense to focus on customized products for large events and gifting.


Sell high quality products for giveaways that are appreciated for quality as a banding tool.

Give the volume customer quality products that are cost effective for events or occasions.

The exposition industry and personal events, such as weddings, are always in need of favors. But it isn’t just attendance-based events that find our products useful, favor are used to support other options such as drawing attention to press events, corporate gifting, memorialize a donation, to recognize achievement, or as a show of appreciation.

Today, Image of Wine is focused on three categories of quality products for giveaways-coasters, wine gift boxes and drink bottles; all these items are used, appreciated and will keep a message to of mind.

About the product strategy:

  • Uniqueness is important. Bamboo has a very unique look that is easily recognized as durable and aesthetically appealing.
  • It is a very sustainable product and that is important to consumers. Bamboo regrows very rapidly and is harvested every 6 years.
  • This material is durable and long lasting. Bamboo coasters and the message on them last for a lifetime of use.
  • Coasters and wine gift boxes can be offered in different materials-Natural hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, bamboo and coasters also come in Quartz and are perfect for permanent color images imbedded in the coaster.
  • Decorating bamboo may be done in laser engraving and quartz coasters are done in sublimation printing. Sublimation is a process of permanently putting color or B/W into a piece of quartz. The image is not deteriorated by washing or scraping or exposure to sun.

Our products have been given as business gifts. Our Wine Gift Boxes have been presented to major CEO’s in entertainment companies, coasters for media gifts at press release occasions, coasters for wedding favors and giveaways for community association events.

Please e-mail us or call for information about quantities, decorating and availability of products.

A promo giveaway expands message reach and frequency!

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