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About Infusion Water Bottles

Infused water is the latest “In” thing for us today. However, it is not a new thought. “Books from the renaissance era prove that the popularity of flavored and infused water dates back several centuries. During that era, flowers were the more popular choice for infusion, possibly because a wide variety of fresh fruit wasn’t as easy to come by as it is today,” as reported in WebMD, September 2022.

It seems whether you go to a company gathering, attend a church social event or go for a hike, it seems like a greater number of people you encounter are drinking infused water. What makes water infused is adding your preferred fruit, herb, teas, and even vegetables to water.

The water in the infusion can be bottled, filtered, or sparkling. Whatever your preference, the trick is to let the ingredients get acquainted for approximately 1-2 hours. If you refrigerate the infused water overnight, it is a great addition to a morning workout. Just don’t let the fruit or vegetable you use lose their texture.

Infusion Basket
Removable 304 SS Infusion Strainer for Infusion water with favorite scents and flavors.

The internet is a source for recipes that fit most any occasion, activity, seasonal temperatures, and availability of fusion foods. Here are some starter suggestions: mint tea (hot or cold), lemon mint, spearmint leaves, mango, ginger, just to name a few.

Lindsey Johnson writing for the blog Hello Glow, notes benefit about drinking infused waters:

  • Refreshing and healthy beverage
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Great wat to stat hydrated because if great flavors and aromas
  • Extremely low sugar contents, except for some sugars naturally present in the ingredients
  • Antioxidants from the choices in recipes used.
  • Good for the skin and internal organs

Here are some of the infused water ideas from Johnson’s article:

“Herbs: Rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley

Spices: Cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fresh ginger, cloves, vanilla bean

Edible flowers: Rose, lavender, citrus blossoms, hibiscus, pansies, violets (just make sure they’re 100% pesticide-free)

Fruit: Berries (fresh or frozen), melon, tropical fruits, citrus, apples, pears

Vegetables: Cucumber, celery, fennel, carrots

Water: Filtered water is great, but if you don’t have a filtration system, tap water is fine too.”

Your customers, guests or participants can’t have infused water without an Infusion Water Bottle.

Our Infusion Water Bottles are made of food grade 304 Stainless Steel and come with an infusion strainer so you can consume the infused water and add more water to the infusion concoction if you want more infused water.

The bamboo is Moso which adds to the uniqueness of this insulated water bottle. One water bottle comes with a carry loop while the second option is a cleaner look that is great for patio’s, offices, and board rooms.

Both Bottle options have the engraving option on the bamboo.

Carry Ring Infusion Bottle: 18 ounces-Min. order quantity: 50 units.

Infusion Water Bottle
Bamboo Infusion Water Bottle -Stainless Steel Vacumn with Tea/Infusion Strainer

Infusion Water Bottle w/o carry ring-Stainless closure and inlaid bamboo: 15 ounces-Min. order quantity:100 units.

All Infusion Bottles come with stainless steel infusion strainer and in a paperboard box.

Clean the bottle regularly: To  prevent bacteria growth and odors, it’s important to clean your bamboo  water bottle regularly. You can use mild soap and warm water to clean the bottle, and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges that can scratch the surface of the bottle.

Don’t use the dishwasher: It’s best to hand wash them to avoid damage to the bamboo exterior. The heat and pressure of a  dishwasher can cause the bamboo to crack or warp, and it may also affect the vacuum seal of the bottle.

Avoid extreme temperatures: Bamboo is a natural material that can be affected by extreme                        temperatures. Don’t put your bamboo water bottle in the freezer or expose it to high heat. This can          cause the bamboo to crack or the stainless-steel inner to warp.

Keep the bottle dry: After cleaning your bamboo water bottle, make sure to dry it thoroughly before        storing it. Moisture can lead to mold or mildew growth on the bamboo exterior, and it can also affect the insulation of the bottle.

Store the bottle properly: When not in use, store your bamboo water bottle in a dry and cool place.        Avoid direct sunlight or humid environments that can damage the bamboo or affect the insulation of the bottle.

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can ensure that your bamboo water bottle with a stainless-steel inner liner lasts for a long time and continues to provide the recipient with refreshing and healthy infused water.

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