A Give-a-Way Has Returns:

  • Great for Branding
  • Builds Awareness
  • Supports Sales Effort
  • Strong Messaging Delivery
  • Look at it as Advertising That Keeps on Giving

Ideas For Your Next Give-a-Way

Bamboo Coasters as promo items.
Bamboo coasters are distinctive and with proper graphics are effective promo items
Bamboo Wine Gift Box
Bamboo Wine Box
Infusion water bottles
Water infused bottles for sport drinks.

What's To Think About ?

Moso Bamboo is considered a timber bamboo due to size.
Bamboo culm and nodes are what make the product so unique.
Bamboo wine gift box
Bamboo is interesting to look at and feel. Nodes formed from the rings on the culm add visual texture. The culm/structure of the plant can vary in color also. Great product to add laser engraved image/message.
Bamboo Coaster
Coasters are always appreciated. They are a great tool for convention give-a-ways. Look at them as a business card, sale message platform, and can be engraved on front and bottom.
Sports drink bottle.
A stainless steel insulated water bottle is always handy and utilized. Engraving is a great branding option.

There are between 1,000 and 1,600 species of bamboo. Probably about 500 have commercial value. Such value comes from the size, color, hardness of the stalk, culm/node quality, availability and what it takes to render the material into a product.

Most bamboo is grown in the regions classified as Southeast Asia. Only about 3 species are grown in the U.S. which means that 64% of world production comes from Southeast Asia. The U.S. is really not a significant growing region.

What makes bamboo such a great product for our promo/give-a-way offerings?

  1. Bamboo is actually a grass and Moso Bamboo (our favorite) grows extremely fast. It is said that it is the fastest growing plant on Earth.
  2. It is a highly sustainable and renewable material.
  3. The plant produces more oxygen than any specie of tree.
  4. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases.

As a raw material for our promo products what adds to the value?

  1. Bamboo is harder than walnut.
  2. In some applications, it is harder than steel.
  3. Bamboo is durable and will last a lifetime.
  4. It’s unique grain, nodes and colors produce stunning texture and appearances.
  5. Our promo products, using bamboo, display value, uniqueness and products that are meant to impress and last. 
Invest in Give-a-way items.
Promo's or gifting is really an investment!

Think About Promo Investing-Outside the Box.

There are some recognized rules to promo or sometimes called give-a-way items. Whether an old pro or just thinking about your next event or thinking outside the box about other uses, here are some thoughts:

  • The item should be useful; something that will be recognized as appropriate for daily use-office, home, or personal.
  • Be easily recognized at high quality. Yes, historically give-a-way items are preceived as throwaway items, but not any more.
  • Distribute items that show a degree planning. The messaging on the item needs to be tasteful in size and easily recognized and speaks of pride.
  • Recognize the event or gathering should present a message that the item is to create memories because it is displayed-conference room, desk, home, or personal use.

Who, What, When and Where

Where can you use promo items?
  • Personal Celebration such as weddings, christenings, milestones in family events, etc.
  • Events of recognition or unit achievements.
  • Community Branding-for example: Realtors, shop opening, doctors, or new service offerings.
  • To support the launch of a new corporate program-new ad campaign, safety goals, etc. 
  • Shareholder meeting handouts/give-a-way.
  • Loyalty gifts to build usage or commitment.
  • Conventions-You can never overestimate the power of hand-outs at conventions. Time test investment, for sure.
  • Association affiliations are often necessary in building community and being aware of competitive changes.
  • Affinity meetings like Rotary and alumni are great to build awareness for future business.
  • Sport outings such as annual golf events need something that is a constant message to participants besides golf balls or tees.
  • Dedication events for civic, corporate or simply a celebration of a new season.
  • Fundraisers such as school auctions, wine auctions, little league, etc. All are prime sources to build awareness.
  • Holiday receptions-communities, churches, clubs; everyone like to leave with a branded gift for attending.

Here Are Your Options

Bamboo Coasters

Rounded edges, made of Moso bamboo. Slight caramelizing to add depth of color and to give a great laser engraving visual. Will also minimize any beverage moisture spots. 

When placed together they make for a great trivet for table service.

2 Ply bamboo, rounded edges.

Laser engraving options. (Call for specification on image artwork and text messages.)

May be engraved on both sides.

Size: 4″ x 4″ x .25″

Min. order is: 200pieces

Price: $1.45/piece with 1.5″ square laser image. Call for larger engraving size pricing.

Great for: Trade Association Exhibitions Give-a-Ways, Bundled as sets, advertising, new product announcements, customer loyalty, and branding.

Bamboo Coasters as promo items.
Sample of sports bottles and mugs.
Stainless Steel Sports Bottles and Mug

You rarely find people out and about without a sports bottle. These bottles are unique because they are made of 304 stainless steel. It’s the most widely used stainless steel in manufacturing. Everything from tools, to kitchen utensils. Used extensively in wine, food and beer production.

The Mugs
Stainless Steel Mugs

Material: Bamboo and 304 Stainless Steel

Colored Stainless steel/Bamboo Trim Mugs (with plastic lid closure)

Colors: Pink, Black, White, Blue, Turquoise

Clear acrylic sliding closure

Capacity: 20 oz.

Min. order quantity: 50

Unit price: $17.30

Laser engraving/Large: $0.45/ unit Additional.

Stainless Steel/Bamboo Infusion Water Bottle

Option I-Ring Carry Handle

Capacity: 18 oz.

Min. Order: 50

Water Bottle w/kraft cardboard gift box: $18.95 ea.

Engraving on Infusion bottle: $1.00 for large format.

Option II-Stainless steel closure with Bamboo Insert in screw cap closure.

Capacity- 15+ ounces

Min. Order: 50 Units

Pricing for unit and engraving costs same as Option I.

Bamboo Wine Gift Box

This sliding lid Bamboo Wine Box is not ordinary in any respects. It is a closed end recessed groove that the lid slides into and has a lot of detail to make it interesting. A great presentation for high-end events, customer appreciation, new office/business launch, and holiday/awards presentations.

Material: Mitered assembly of Bamboo.

Natural caramelized finish.

Dimensions: Inside- 4″ x 4″ x 14.5″. Champaign bottles generally measure 3.5″ in diameter and 13″ high; wine bottles measure slightly less in height and diameter. There is still enough space to ad 4 bamboo coasters in the box with the wine, as an option.

Min. order quantity: 300

Laser engraving: Available on lid and or side. E-mail sample image and approx. size for pricing. 

Unit price: $29.20

Bamboo Wine Gift Box
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