Bottle Stopper-Medallion

Bottle Stopper Inlays
Some inlay samples we have done in the past.
Wine bottle stoppers
Stoppers can have many custom options from medallion inlays to simple engraved image.

The medallions can be made of gold, silver, Merlin gold, nickel, etc. The coins/medallions can be stamped on both sides of the coin or a single side.

Images may be etched, raised/relief and images can be custom made to your specific specifications.

These are some samples of “struck” minted medallions. Options are gold, brass, nickel, silver and Merlin’s gold.  Also we can provide sublimation printed medallions of aluminium.


Medallion stoppers
Medallion Stoppers made with custom stamped medallions.

We work with a mint to design and strike custom medallions with any style relief image .  That medial is then inlaid into the crown of the stopper.  Medallions are a often used means of commemorating

an event or even a special occasion. Used by many large prominent companies.