Cocobolo Corkscrew

Cocobolo Corkscrew
Exotic Cocobolo Wood
Cocobolo Corkscrew
Optional Cocobolo Corkscrew-Smart

Made of exotic wood and metal processing to ensure quality in performance, look and feel.

  • A special metal hardening process using vapor to impart a unique finish and make it posssible to engrave on the metal.
  • Not often available in the USA
  • The Cocobolo Corkscrew is made in Italy
  • Great presentation for special business gifts or favors for high-end meetings or events.


Cocobolo CorkscrewCocobolo is an exotic wood. Farfalli made these corkscrews for us in Italy. A high quality corkscrew made with a special vapor processing of stainless steel. This items is engraved on the double knuckle of the pull lever.





Very exclusive professional
corkscrews: totally hand made,
enriched with natural materials
such as fine wood and real buffalo
Two versions: PRESTIGE, with
clean and elegant lines, SMART
more aggressive design with
reverse position blade.
Functionality: Double lever
Structure: Stainless steel, handle
in precious wood species or
natural horn
Spiral: Hardened steel AISI 420
Blade: Hardened steel AISI 420
Levers: Stainless Steel satin
finished or mirror polished
Customization: Laser Engraving available