Quartz Imprinted Coasters

Quartz Coaster
Coasters With Kary Carlson Design of Napa vineyard

Quartz is a very exotic stone because it accepts images from a heat and pressure process that makes the images permanently part of the stone. Your images are not painted-on, silk screened or baked-on. The image colors are as if they were the natural colors of the stone. The resins in the stone hold the image forever.


Quartz Coasters/holder
Quartz full colored image and custom holder.

Quartz is a natural stone. We use a printing process that imparts a permanent image. The image will not scratch or wear off during normal use.  This is the same material used for solid surface counter tops and vanities.

  • Quartz is stain resistant
  • Anti-microbial benefits
  • The stone is scratch resistant and the image cannot be scratched or wore off
  • Each coaster in a set can have a unique image
  • Image imprints can be in color, B/W and overlaid on a custom  background
  • Coaster and be prepared as full coverage imprinting or as a text/logo on white
  • Protective pads on the coaster are silicon or felt


Great for corporate gifting, in-house corporate use, branding, favors, event/convention promotion

Note: If dropped, the coaster may break.