Wine Gift Box-Two Bottles

Quality Wine Gift Box
Wine Gift Box-Two Bottle size


The Two-Bottle Wine Gift Boxes are identical to the On-Bottle Wine Gift Box that are designed for the 750 ml bottles.

Note: The lid is of solid hardwoods also and are constructed in a Book-matched design which give the lid a symmetrical look of wood grains.


Wine Gift Box
Custom Made Gif Boxes-1 and 2 bottle options

The Image of Wine Gift Boxes have great post gifting application that ensure a great long term life:

  • A great storage unit for serving utensils
  • This is a great container to store seasonal candles
  • You might consider storing you favorite corks
  • A handy place to store in-home miniature tools used to do quick fixes around the house or office-used to tighten door handles, store a small flashlight, store batteries for keyboards, etc.
  • We put “to be follow-up mail” in ours, along with wallets, car keys, and remote controls.
  • Like all fine furniture you want to display the Gift Box