• Backsplashes-Custom Quartz

    Backsplashes-Custom Quartz (1)

    Custom and permanent images in Quartz tiles to make up a mosaic style complete image. Great for kitchens, corporate applications and builders/architects for home applications/wine cellars.
  • Bottle Stoppers

    Bottle Stoppers (4)

    Bottle stoppers are customized for most all occasions-events, trade shows, gifts and branding. We can design and laser engrave for commemorative events too. Look for our custom medallion imbedded, hand-blown glass and exotic wood stoppers.
  • Coaster Holders

    Coaster Holders (1)

    We manufacture 2 types of Coaster Holders-Stacked (laying flat in the holder) and Slotted (up-right). Either type will display the graphic text or image. Whether in a board-room or as favors with Coasters (bamboo or quartz or light edge acrylic) consider a holder. Note: accent splines of contrasting woods.
  • Coasters

    Coasters (3)

    Coasters-Bamboo, Quartz and Acrylic With client supplied images. All are in a 4 x 4 inch square format. Eco Bamboo and Acrylic are laser decorated; Quartz use a sublimation process to make image colored/full coverage/B/W.
  • Corkscrews

    Corkscrews (3)

    Quality corkscrews that are exotic and hard to find. Carbon Fiber is the premier corkscrew, followed by one made of Cocobolo exotic wood and a promotional corkscrew. The Carbon Fiber and Cocobolo corkscrews are made my hand in Italy. All can be engraved. Also offered is a Promo Corkscrew that can be lasered or sublimation printed with most any background texture look (such as wood…
  • Tabletops

    Tabletops (1)

    Quartz allow for solid surface material that may be imprinted with most any image; image is permanent-will not scratch off or wear off. Image decoration can be in a full coverage or with textured background with logo or text overlay effect.
  • Tile Wall Mosaic Mural

    Tile Wall Mosaic Mural (1)

    Made from a sublimation process that imbeds an image (B/W or Colored) or text into the stone permanently. This is a heat and pressure process with special inks/dyes. Great for a vertical wall application or even the front of a reception desk. If you are thinking of a custom home or remodel application it would be possible to use in a shower enclosure. Great new…
  • Trivet

    Trivet (1)

    A great way to display corks from favorite wines. Corks can be hot glued into place or with most any adhesive. Edges (top and vertical) can be laser engraved. Wood materials will dictate final cost but there are a lot of decorative grained domestic hardwood available.
  • Wine Gift Boxes

    Wine Gift Boxes (2)

    Wine gift Boxes are available in 2 bottle and 1 bottle styles. All are made of hardwood-walnut and cherry and are constructed with dowels and not metal fasteners. Wood are all solid woods used in construction.